Don’s Hawaiian Adventure


On October 28, Don Boulanger traveled to Oahu to support SSS BBN.  Little did he know what an journey it would be…




Don landed at Oahu International Airport, and did a

quick change at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  He picked up

a cheap ukulele and spent a little time on his lanai.












Don made friends quickly – while cruising the local watering holes.  Here Don poses with a few of his newfound friends.















The per-diem Don was getting from GD could not get him through the day.  Through his connections with Tom Selleck, Don landed a gig at a local luau.  The extra work helped supplement his per-diem – and Don “liked the way the grass shirt felt...”















Don’s act was so popular, that the management eventually let him try his hand at other activities. Here Don does some fire twirling.  (Don eventually lost that job, though after setting a patron’s toupee on fire by offering to light his cigarette.)














Don’s renown spread throughout Hawaii, and he started hanging out with many well-known celebrities.  Don even got into a little bongo (we think those are bongos) act with Elvis.  Here Don plays for the King – obviously the years in Vegas had touched Elvis’s mind…






















Burning the candle at both ends was taking its toll on Don.  He would often sneak out for “lunch”.  His meal, though, often turned out to be a few dozen of those Hawaiian drink specialties.  Here Don gets caught sneaking a “light snack”.












Don did manage to break away a bit from his hectic, non-stop work schedule.  Here Don observes Mount Kilauea first-hand – and doesn’t he look happy to be there?  Don spent much of the rest of the day picking the melted tennis shoe off of his foot.















Eventually the tropical heat got to Don – he had a nervous breakdown.  Here he is just before being caught by the local authorities.  He was heard exclaiming; “ I’m a lemur, dammit.  You can’t catch this monkey-boy!”




















  Here is the latest picture of Don.  Who knows when we will see him again?